Tesla Montreal has two Superchargers and three Connectors for Model S owners at what is said to be the biggest such dealership in North America. In town for the International Jazz Festival, I rolled up with 23 miles on the clock late this morning and left with 208 miles after about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

There is plenty of espresso available in the customer lounge, but no milk, only a French Vanilla-flavored substitute. Bottles of spring water also were available. I didn't see any snack bars or other treats, like the ones at the Tesla dealership in Paramus, N.J.

I met another owner who said his rear-wheel-drive Model S did much better handling Montreal's bad winter weather this year than the Mercedes-Benz 500 he once owned. He also said the air-conditioning system in his Model S had to be replaced after one year.

In the Tesla Montreal service department, rear, a young woman declined my request for a free car wash, explaining they are provided only when the Model S is serviced.

Tesla Montreal, 5350 Ferrier St., Montreal, QC. Two Superchargers and three Connectors available 24/7 in a front parking lot.

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