Comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Saturday Night Live demonstrating how the all-electric Mercedes-Benz Double AA Class luxury sedan can dump all of its 9,648 batteries at once.

The TV skit last Saturday night may have been aimed at the German automaker's pathetic efforts to catch the all-electric Tesla Model S, which this year outsold Mercedes' big gas-guzzler, the S-Class luxury sedan.


"Batteries not included."

That was the final punch line in a Saturday Night Live send-up of Mercedes-Benz -- the German automaker that has spent more time churning out annoying TV commercials than developing an all-electric Tesla fighter.

Host Julia Louis-Dreyfus unveiled the Mercedes Double AA Class luxury sedan.

"No more plugs, no more charging stations, just 9,648 Double AA batteries," she said on SNL's show last Saturday night.

Top speed: 52 mph.

Click here to see the entire video:

Batteries not included



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